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Pre-lease Properties

Prelease properties available prelease properties in commercial and good investment options in real estate Max realty is a leading property management and commercial space provider specialized in dealing with prerelease properties and off-market transection. We have network to access most of the plan apartments projects and township houses along with built flats, offices before they got affected by market. We ensure our clients gets best of return from their investment.

With 10+ years in real estate and property management as Max Realty we work for you find best pre-release properties in 7+ metro cities where you can invest or start live in, We at max realty make available properties for you before they actually released to the general public. Once you have share your wish-list with all the details we promises you to keep up to date with exact matching properties for you. We will inform you once its available for tacking an immediate action. You go from several option given below once its made available:

  1. Reserve the Property-With the nominal required amount, you can reserve your property before it grab by any other buyers.
  2. Direct purchase of property- Regardless of 1stoption, we suggest you to directly go for purchase option for denying other interested buyers to interfere in same property.